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Rocket Fuel in your water?

January 13th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

DEP Ignored Scientists Warnings and Failed to Regulate Perchlorate in drinking water – Lisa Jackson to be asked why
Today, Lisa Jackson appears before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee for confirmation as the Obama Administration’s nominee for EPA Administrator. Yesterday, two more national stories broke on her controversial record as NJ DEP Commissioner:
Jackson to Be Asked About Regulating Perchlorate in Drinking Water
Transparency Concerns Raised about EPA Nominee

I urge folks to read these articles – no time to write about them now.
I will attend the Senate confirmation hearing and report back – in some detail – later this week.
I assume it will be a love fest, although my sense is that Jackson will be given a series of softball questions from the friendly Committee and allowed to “respond” to her critics.
Noted that Corzine has ducked introducing Jackson, so assume that Senator Lautenberg will serve that role.
This all brings back fond memories when Senator Torricelli introduced and praised Governor Whitman in 2001 Senate Confirmation hearings for EPA Administrator.

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