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Beyond Talk – Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

If you can make it into Manhattan tomorrow, turn out to this event at noon, at 16th and 5th Avenue

Climate Pledge of Resistance Logo

NOVEMBER 30th – Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

Countdown to N30:

Actions for Climate Justice are Just 3 Days Away!

N30 Actions

The goal of our participation in the MCJ is to send a warning shot across the bows of corporate ‘greens’ who distort climate science on behalf of major polluters. As climate legislation gets redrafted next year, it is critical that these groups are challenged by a new more mobilized and informed environmental movement. We must make clear to them that we will not accept false solutions or inadequate targets, even after Copenhagen fails to result in a meaningful agreement. The new climate bill, which will be drafted for the next Congressional session (2010), must have science-based targets that give our planet and its species a fighting chance and don’t peg our survival on carbon markets, pie-in-the-sky techno-fixes, or ‘solutions’ that guarantee the long-term viability of oil, gas, or coal industries.

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