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Don’t Worry: It All Stops At the NJ Border

It Can’t Happen Here

[Update: 7/29/10 – this is practically the only “water quality” story written in NJ and first of all, it has very little to do with water quality, and nothing to do with coastal or ocean ecosystem health. Second, I blame the enviro’s as much as the press for letting this one misleading story dominate the coverage of the issue – and note the misplaced accountability focus on the counties, not DEP and EPA. That is pure politics : N.J counties delaying warnings, closures for beaches tested for poor water quality”

Hit Links for stories you can’t read in NJ papers, about problems that don’t exist in your backyard, that don’t affect your health, and that have long ago been solved by NJ’s cracker jack DEP  and forward thinking  Legislature and Governor-

Special Report: Delaware Drinking Water at Risk

What you haven’t been told about chemicals polluting the aquifer that serves Del., Md., N.J.

Delaware Drinking Water at Risk: Polluters pay for testing, leaving public in dark

In flawed system, ‘there’s not much accountability’

Metachem declared bankruptcy, walked away from debt and cleanup effort

Delaware Drinking Water at Risk: Filtering strongly recommended

Consequences of lifetime exposure to chemical pollution are unknown

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