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So Wrong, For So Long

I just came across this little historical gem, doing some research.

It so perfectly illustrates the more than decade long collapse of leadership in NJ’s environmental community, I just had to share.

Regular readers here know that I have been severely critical of the NJ Environmental Federation and Dave Pringle, both for their endorsement of Christie and the continuing political support in light of the Administration’s record and policy agenda.

I have challenged NJEF to express buyers remorse and publicly distance themselves from  the administration in light of the obvious rollback agenda currently being implemented.

That challenge has been ignored – so, I’m curious, given what’s gone down thus far, just what will it take?

While some may think this set of problems is of recent vintage and driven by the politics of the Christie Administration, as you will note from the below NY Times story, the problems began long before the Christie Administration.

How can people who have been so wrong in judgement – for so long – remain in positions of leadership and have any credibility whatsoever?


Published: December 21, 2000 (hit link for full article)

“[…] … David S. Pringle, campaign director of the New Jersey Environmental Federation, commended the governor’s open-space program and other initiatives in her second term.

”She’s gone from bad to better, and hopefully it’ll go to good’‘ at the E.P.A., Mr. Pringle said.

In that same article, Whitman made this huge gaffe, revealing her profound ignorance:

“But on one of the most salient issues — climate change — Mrs. Whitman’s statements this week left some scientists and environmental advocates perplexed, especially since her administration has been a leader among the states in addressing the problem. For example, New Jersey was the first states to set a target for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

But when asked to discuss her views on the science behind global warming on Tuesday, Governor Whitman responded by citing her doubts about the causes of the hole in the protective ozone layer high in the atmosphere.

She was asked: ”Global warming, what is your thought on what the state of science is and what can be done to address it?”

Mrs. Whitman said: ”Still somewhat uncertain. Clearly there’s a hole in the ozone, that has been identified. But I saw a study the other day that showed that that was closing. It’s not as clear, the cause and effect, as we would like it to be.”

Wow! Too much history here to unpack. Hit this link for a detailed account of how Whitman – criminally in my view – injected more than a decade of delay in responding to global warming. (error – sorry, that link was supposed to link to this – scroll down to see chronology)

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