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Good Times

Tarrytown Homies at McGovern's Shore Rretreat
Tarrytown Homies at McGovern’s Shore Retreat

Restoring  an annual tradition – a weekend golf outing blowout we used to call the “Fuji Open” – many of the Tarrytown guys I grew up with got together for a weekend of golf, drinking, eating, and plain old bullshitting this weekend at the McGovern’s compound on Long Beach Island. Notably absent and missed were Robbie, Keith, Randy, and Keesa (sp?), but most of the originals were there.

We had rip currents on the beach, we gripped it and ripped it at the course, and we got ripped.

Most of us hadn’t been together like that for years (except at weddings or funerals) and some have gone in very different directions over the years, yet we seemed to ease naturally into the same roles we played in High School and resume the hilarious conversations we had 35 years ago. Only the details had changed: instead of focusing on personal struggles, we caught up on some of the great stuff our kids were doing.

We hadn’t held a Fuji Open since 1994. Back then, as young fathers, a long  4 day Memorial Day weekend blowout in Cooperstown NY was a lot over the top and upset the wives just a little bit (yes, I plead guilty, but was not alone and not the instigator!). That weekend basically put an end to a tradition we started shortly after High School (1975) (I even had a golf outing at Cornell Golf Club, followed by a keg and cookout on Cayuga Lake, as part of our 1987 wedding weekend.)

But far too much personal stuff has been said here already, so I’ll end it with a huge thanks to the McGovern’s and the simple observation that a great time was had by all, and we look forward to next year’s event (and to playing a lot better golf).

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