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A Hike on the Way to the Hearing


Yesterday, I took a walk to Mt. Tammany at Delaware Watergap on the way to Milford Pa. for the Tennessee Gas Pipeline hearing – here’s some of what I saw on a spectacular – but poor air quality – day.

[Update 11/5/10 – a friend passed along this important information in FERC database regarding the National Park Service’s opposition to Tennessee crossing the Watergap – I am so glad to see that NPS has integrity: Loop 323 – Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area

Alternatives to the pipeline crossing of federal lands administered by the National Park Service (NPS) in Pennsylvania and New Jersey were analyzed to determine whether such alternatives would be reasonable and environmentally preferable as compared to the proposed loop segment alignment that follows the existing 300 Line corridor. The proposed route along the original existing corridor is approximately 4.13 miles in length and crosses both lands and a federally-designated Scenic and Recreational River managed by the NPS through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area (DWGNR). Under current federal law, the NPS does not have authority to grant Tennessee a ROW across DWGNRA lands and water. New federal legislation would be required to cross the DWGNRA. After meeting with the NPS on May 13, 2010, June 24, 2010, and August 10, 2010, the DWGNRA staff voiced their opposition to legislative changes that would authorize any pipeline facilities on federal lands in this area. Specifically, in a letter dated June 16, 2010, Superintendant John Donahue indicated that any project would have significant impacts on park resources and any attempt to secure an easement through the legislative process would be strenuously opposed by the NPS. Therefore, Tennessee examined two alternative routes to lessen the impacts to DWGNRA lands or avoid the DWGNRA altogether.]






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