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Pompton Lakes Residents Take Down Dupont Goliath

I am travelling today and will be off the grid for the weekend at a retreat at the Blue Mountain Center in the Adirondacks, so will be unable to write and post.

But, I just learned that a late Friday afternoon delicately phrased DEP press release announced that Dupont withdrew the “permit by rule” application – the one that drew vehement protest by Pompton Lakes residents.

Organized, informed, and passionate residents kicked Dupont’s ass.

They shamed DEP.

Let this case be a model on how to win battles with powerful corporations and government.

I opened my testimony at Monday night’s hearing and closed my last post with this statement:

If they [Dupont] had any integrity or social responsibility, Dupont would have already agreed to withdraw this application.

But, that’s not likely so folks should contact DEP Commissioner Bob Martin and EPA Regional Administrator Judy Enck and demand that they enforce the cleanup laws, fulfill their commitments to restore transparency and accountability, and deny Dupont’s request.

Lets get Dupont moving with cleanup, not coverup. 

On Wednesday, Dupont withdrew their application – obviously they realized that not only was it a public relations nightmare, but it blatently violated state and federal laws and would have been killed by either DEP or US EPA.

When people are watching and actively engaged, no way corporations and government get away with this kind of BS.  

This is just the beginning of the battles on enforcement of RCRA and other cleanup violations by Dupont.

This victory in preventing further harm and corporate control by Dupont can become the foundation to build upon larger victories that lead to real cleanup of Pompton Lakes and compensation for suffering residents.

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