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Nuke Plant Threat? NJ Water Already Radioactive

According to today’s Asbury Park Press, a Report by NJPIRG claims that nuclear power plants threaten the water supply of 3.3 million NJ residents (see:  Report: Water of millions in peril from nuclear plants

I haven’t reviewed the Report and make no comment on it.

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but there are much more pressing currently existing radiological risks from drinking NJ water.

I’ve written about that here several times, so instead of rehashing all that, see this PEER Press release which has  links to the official documents.

RADIOACTIVE WELLS POSE BIGGER RISKS IN NEW JERSEY — Hundreds of Thousands Exposed Daily to Rad Levels Many Times over Safety Limits

We disclosed that new scientific findings presented at the May 7, 2010 meeting of the state Drinking Water Quality Institute (DWQI), the extent and depth of radioactivity levels are grounds for renewed concern:

  • Official “Private Well Testing Act” data show that 10.7% of wells in the coastal plain violate the drinking water Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for gross alpha (i.e., radiological contaminants). Levels in excess of 30 times the MCL have been reported;

  • Additional health risks in Northern New Jersey due to uranium are now being discovered; and

  • The treatment system for gross alpha from radium is NOT effective in treating risk for uranium. Thus, homeowners who install certain treatment systems incorrectly think they are protected, when they are not protected if uranium is the source of radiation in their well water.
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