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Awesome Sky Tonite


Some music to accompany a walk by:

Night on Bare Mountain

This is a version by Rene Leibowitz, conducting The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 1962.

I think its far more terrifying than the more recognized version of “Night on Bald Mountain” by Leonard Bernstein conducting the NY Philharmonic.

Walking around, upon reflection, I think I know what Sigmund Freud meant by the force of “Thanatos”:

Eros and Thanatos Freud identifies two drives that both coincide and conflict within the individual and among individuals.  Eros is the drive of life, love, creativity, and sexuality, self-satisfaction, and species preservation.  Thanatos, from the Greek word for “death” is the drive of aggression, sadism, destruction, violence, and death.  At the conclusion of C&D, Freud notes (in 1930-31) that human beings, following Thanatos, have invented the tools to completely exterminate themselves; in turn, Eros is expected to “make an effort to assert himself in the struggle with an equally immortal adversary.

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