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Mountain Justice Summer Action Camp

 Help Support Activists’ Efforts to End Mountaintop Removal and Extreme Energy

Fundraising To Attend Summer Action Camp

We are in the era of extreme energy – mountaintop  removal, deep sea drilling, fracking, tar sands, et al.

And we all should know about the Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math and the moral imperative of taking direct action based on that math.

While I’ve long been appalled and angered by mountaintop removal, I must embarrassingly admit, I’ve really never been more than a few miles off I-81, I-40, or the Blue Ridge Parkway in Appalachia, and know nothing about the region or its people.

Aside from looking at photos and writing some very superficial posts about EPA regulations and reading about the TVA and the works of Faulkner and the history of the Highlander Center, I really have had little knowledge about the region, or its history, culture, or mountaintop removal mining practices.

I’ve become increasing frustrated by traditional environmental tactics and regulatory bullshit, so I’ve looked for opportunities for direct action.

So, when I learned, via “Bidder70″ Tim DeChristopher’s group Peaceful Uprising and “Rising Tide” about the work of the group “Mountain Justice” and their Summer Action Camp, I thought it would be a great learning opportunity and activist experience for this old man.

I figured I could contribute my photography, writing, and support of their direct action activism – and generate support for their work here in NJ.

So, I signed up for the Summer Action Camp – here’s what that’s all about:

Join Mountain Justice this May 19th – 27th for our 9th Mountain Justice Summer Action Training Camp, near Damascus, VA. Mountain Justice has grown from a fast burning brush fire that helped push Mountaintop Removal to national awareness into a critical support network at the base of a growing, national anti-extractive industry movement for social and environmental justice. This year, it’s time to fan the flames of resistance to dirty energy, and put an end to MTR once and for all, while continuing to support bottom up economic transition for a brighter Appalachia.

Will you join us as we build pressure and momentum to stop strip mining and other destructive extractive industries in Appalachia!

Mountain Justice Summer Camp is a place to learn skills, expand on the ones you already have, strengthen connections in networked social movements for Justice, meet new allies and take action to stop the destruction of Appalachia.

Please join or support Mountain Justice!

Although I already registered to attend, the problem is I need to raise funds to attend and to travel there.

I need at least $200 – $150 minimum for Mountain Justice and $50 gas money. 

So, like last year’s “Tour De Frack“, I’m looking for sponsors!

Please, if you agree that Mountain Juatice is doing important work, please send them a check.

While I won’t be traveling there on my bicycle, if you care to support my travel and participation there this Summer, you can send financial support to me at:

359 Oliver Street

Bordentown, NJ 08505


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