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Gov. Christie is a Dangerous Fraud on Education

Trenton NJ protest against Christie budget (May 22, 2010)


I’m still so sick over the Star Ledger endorsement of Gov. Christie that I can barely think straight.

Despite the fact that they correctly called Christie “a catastrophe” on the environment – a devastating blow I would normally salute.

Luckily, retired Star Ledger columnist and education expert Bob Braun can think straight and write eloquently and with passion.

Braun wrote a tremendous piece pointing out the contradictions and cowardice of that editorial board endorsement – this is truly a must read piece, including the comments from readers, which destroy Tom Moran’s education arguments in support of Charter schools, see:

The Star-Ledger wants us to vote for a man it calls a catastrophe and a fraud. No, thanks.

Today, Senator Buono followed up on this debate, and I say BRAVO!

Buono blasts Christie’s education policies, Star-Ledger’s endorsement at retired teachers’ lunch

Any teacher or education supporter – or environmentalist – who votes for Christie is out of their mind.

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