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Walmart CEO Forced Out – Does Sustainable NJ Have At Least The Ethical Standards of the WalMart Board?

Walmart CEO Resigns In Wake of Bribery and NLRB Violation Scandals

Donna Drewes, co-director of Sustainable Jersey, said the group does not restrict whom it accepts money from as long as the organization is allowed to spend the money that fits their overall mission.  ~~~ The Press of Atlantic City, 10/28/13

For months now, I have strongly urged – both privately and publicly – that Sustainable NJ Director Randall Solomon act to terminate acceptance of funds from the Walmart corporation.

I have expanded that request to The College of NJ, who houses Sustainable NJ, because Walmart is not only an anathema to any notion of “sustainability” (antithetical is a better word), but any relationship with that corporation sullies the academic integrity of the institution.

I also have asked that SNJ funders, SNJ “Green Teams”, and various groups that partner with SNJ use their influence to demand an end to the corrupting Walmart and corporate funding.

Those requests have generated hostile attacks by Mr. Solomon and  – with the exception of the recent protest over the South Jersey Gas Co. support – have fallen on deaf ears in all other places, including the press and the environmental community.

Well, perhaps today’s latest Walmart scandal could be the straw that breaks this camel’s back of denial.

USA Today reports:

Wal-Mart Stores replaced CEO and President Mike Duke and named Doug McMillon, another company insider, as its new leader after a rough period for the world’s largest retailer in which it became embroiled in a bribery scandal.

So, my question is this:

If the Walmart Board wanted no association with and forced out their CEO for corrupt practices, do SNJ and NJ Foundations and environmental groups have at least the ethical standards of the Walmart Board?

Here’s my note to Mr. Solomon:

Mr. Solomon –

Please see below news about the WalMart corporation – links to source: USA Today 

Does SNJ have any policy regarding taking funds from a criminal enterprise?

In fairness, there have been no indictments or convictions yet, merely investigations. But, when the CEO steps down amidst criminal investigations, I would assume that SNJ would be at least as ethically diligent at the WalMart Board.

I renew my request that you terminate acceptance of Walmart funds; issue a public statement repudiating this corrupt corporation; and issue a public apology to Green Team members and the people of NJ for indirectly involving them and sullying their good name by association with this potential criminal enterprise.

Bill Wolfe

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