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Vindictive Abuse of Power Is Governor Christie’s MO

Romney Vetting of “Pufferfish” Correct on “Mafia-esque approach to politics”

The last political leader that had these kind of character flaws was Richard Nixon

l’état, c’est moi!

 [Important Updates Below]

Just a very quick note in response to the exploding scandal over the George Washington Bridge lane closures.

There seems to be a lot of Claude Raines “Shocked, I’m just shocked” that Gov. Christie and his loyal political hacks would abuse government powers to retaliate against and intimidate opponents – and then lie and dissemble to cover up that ugly behavior.

Anyone who has known or followed the Gov., or who is just paying attention, knows that this is a deep character flaw in our morbidly obese Governor.

It is a feature, not a bug. And his governing “style” has crept into every corner of State government.

He is mad with power, brooks no criticism, and bullies, intimidates and smears opponents.

The people that work for him are afraid of him.

He keeps opponents in line by threats.

He is a control freak, withholds information, is a serial abuser of OPRA, governs in secret, and suppresses public participation in government decisions (thus the “Red Tape Czar”” and “Sandy Czar”).

That’s just how he rolls.

He is an authoritarian demagogue – or the kind of ugly politician John Dean wrote about in his recent book “Conservatives without Conscience“.

The GW Bridge scandal is just the tip of a large and growing iceberg. I can offer up several examples just at DEP and related “in but not of” entities and Commissions.

Yesterday’s outrageous behind the scenes abuse of power in disqualifying Pinelands Commissioner and Columbia Law School professor Ed Lloyd on trumped up”conflict of interest” ethics allegations is just the most recent. For that story, see:

The last political leader I can recall that had these kind of character flaws was Richard Nixon.

The man’s rise to power must be blocked.

[Update #1: 12/15/13: The Nixon people called this “ratfucking”:

Port Authority exec behind GWB closure bought Web addresses named for agency chief, Barbara Buono – end update]

[Update #2: 12/15/13 – to illustrate the systemic poison of Christie, check out this reader comment (in boldface) on Tom Moran’s superb editorial today: Bridge-gate nips at Christie’s heels –  the intro to the comment is Moran’s in italics

“The saddest moment in Monday’s hearing came when the poor guy who manages the bridge, Robert Durando, was asked if he feared that objecting to this crazy scheme would get him fired.

He dodged. Wisniewski pressed him to answer. And Durando was paralyzed for a good 20 seconds, shaking his head and sighing, afraid to answer, and afraid not to.

“I didn’t want to tempt fate,” he finally squeaked out.

“I thought he was going to cry,” Wisniewski says. “I felt bad that these guys have to work under these conditions.”

These working conditions are prevalent in all State agencies under this administration. If you speak up or complain about the administration unlawful activities. You are disciplined. The Governor’s administration has removed Civil Service protected Hearing Officers with “at will” political hacks to give his administration the decision they want. State Agencies are now run by the lawyers not administrators. – end update]

[Update #3 12/15/13 – I rarely agree with Mulshine, but he nails this one:  GW scandal is a bridge to Chris Christie’s past – end update]

[Update #4 – 12/17/13– in a devastating piece, the NY Times nails the Christie MO:  Cornered by Accusations, Christie Parries With Jokes and Stonewalls With Snarls.

[Update #5: 12/25/13 – This story has legs: NY Times page 1: Stories Add Up As Bully Image Trails Christie]

The Times now joins the Wall Street Journal in exposing Christie. Could it be that media elites are finally waking up to the dangers he represents and will take Christie down? – end update]

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