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The Right Kind of Customer Service

Scott Brubaker of DEP talks with homeowner at Sandy Round 2 public hearing in Stockton State College (2/11/14)

I’ve been a brutal critic of DEP Commissioner Bob Martin’s new “customer service” philosophy, largely because the “customers” Martin wants to prioritize providing service to are the business community and the services he seeks to provide are “regulatory relief” and “privatization”, in accordance with the policy set forth in Gov. Christie’s Executive Orders. Citizens are not “customers” of government. The market model is not appropriate to government and democracy.

But, as the above photo shows, there is another kind of “customer service”  – providing real help to real people with real problems.

Face to face, not from bureaucratic silos in Trenton.

All the State agencies had tables set up outside last night’s “Mobile Cabinet Meeting” and public hearing on Gov. Christie’s round two Sandy aid plans.

There could not be a greater contrast between the kind of service Mr. Brubaker of DEP is providing in the photo above and what went on during the “Mobile Cabinet Meeting” on the stage of Stockton’s Performing Arts Center (an apt location for a staged and spun performance) – more to follow about that. – see photo below, which only hints at the bizarre nature of their “public hearing”)

So, I want to give credit to DEP this time for doing something right.

Now, if they can only get the science, policy, and planning right! [oops, and regulations too!]

Without that, its all just lip service. More to follow on all that too.

Sandy Recovery Czar Mark Ferzan speaks (L-R) DCA Commissioner Constable; DEP Commissioner Martin; Mike Winka, BPU Senior Policy Advisor (Stockton PAC 2/11/14)

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