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The Looming Pitchfork Deficit

Tar and Feathers In Short Supply

Gov. Christie Finally Admits He Has No Experience

Philip Dawe - "The Bostonians Paying the Excise-man, or Tarring and Feathering" (1774)

“Let me be, once again, the guy to admit that this has not gone perfectly, far from it. This is the first time we’ve ever done this.” ~~~ Gov. Chris Christie, 3/25/14  Belmar  “Town Hall”


Although I’ve urged the media to “starve the beast” and simply stop covering Gov. Christie’s faux “Town Halls”, I will admit that Scott Gurian at NJ Spotlight wrote a surprising good story about the Town Hall in Belmar yesterday, see:

The story captures the human interest aspects, while linking them to specific policy failures of the Christie Adminsitration.

Journalistically, that’s progress, as for the most part, there is a complete disconnect in media coverage between the woes of Sandy victims and the incompetence and worse in high places of the Christie Administration.

The deluge of scandal stories and the torrent of human interest stories and the paucity of policy stories have proceeded on independent paths.

Today, Gurian has managed to weave them together (with the exception of the pass he gave the Gov. on his repeated lies about Federal Flood Insurance and so called “competition” by the private sector.]

But, still, the elephant and naked Emperor are ignored.

Thus, the illustration above and my comment on the story:

If people are frustrated, distraught angry, and depressed now, just think about how bad things will be when the next big storm hits and they get flooded out again.

After swallowing Gov. Christie’s “Rebuild Now!” myth and having been allowed to rebuild in the same vulnerable locations – many without even elevating to the new but still inadequate higher DEP standards – people will be outraged.

And there won’t be billions of dollars in federal aid to bail their butts out.

Then the crap will really hit the fan – but Gov. Christie and his crew – hacks like Bob Martin at DEP – will all be long gone.

Count on it.

As they say, time will tell.

And the science tells us – with absolute certainty –  that it’s not a question of whether, but of when and how bad.

And I can assure you that the “Stop FEMA Now!” crowd will be nowhere to be found.

So keep your eyes peeled at the local hardware store for the pitchfork brigade. Suggest you get yours now – there won’t be enough to go around after the next storm.

Getting In Christie's Face - lot's more of that to come (Flemington "Town Hall" 3/20/14) That's Peter Vernero, former Whitman Attorney General, on the lower left


Gov. Christie, caught in his typical "fuck you" bully mode. Bring it on Fat Man!

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