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Who Is Paying for This Water Privatization Ad?

Corporate Water Privatization Bill Backed By Secret Sponsors


I saw this as anonymous banner ad at NJ Spotlight last week. (click here for full add)

I immediately sent an email and asked Spotlight folks who was paying for it and got no answer.

Today, I saw it at NJ.Com – and again asked myself:  who is paying for this ad to privatize NJ water systems?

Shouldn’t that fact be disclosed as part of the ad?

Don’t the people of NJ deserve to know the source of this political advocacy?

Contrary to the ad, we strongly oppose the bill now on Governor Christie’s desk.

We are seeking a veto and urge all readers to contact the Gov. at 609-292-6000 to ask for a veto of the bill.

Here is background on the legislation for those interested:


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