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We Salute and Stand With Campbell

Speaking out in defense of career professionals & against political deals is laudable

Brad Campbell (L), Bill Wolfe (R), Earth Day Protest debate, (2005)

Brad Campbell (L), Bill Wolfe (R), Earth Day Protest debate, (2005)

Let’s be very clear here:

What Brad Campbell did in writing a NY Times Op-Ed criticizing the political intervention of Governor Christie’s Office in the Exxon litigation was laudable and brave.

We salute and support that effort, as well as the actions of career professionals at DEP and/or the AG’s office who spoke with Campbell and leaked the Exxon deal to the NY Times. We need much more of that.

All too often, public officials and career professionals, in a position to know of corruption and political intervention, just sit down, shut up and look the other way as corrupt political interventions undermine the science, law, and public interest they are sworn to uphold.

We urge other DEP and AG  professionals who have documents and personal knowledge of this and similar abuses to step forward as well Рopenly or anonymously. We are here to assist your efforts.

Campbell very publicly voiced the concerns of career professionals and we applaud that. Regardless of his motivations, his arguments are credible and persuasive and his allegations warrant investigation.

Campbell joins former DEP Commissioner Mark Mauriello, who we also have praised, for defending the integrity of DEP as an institution and standing up for the public interest.

We have had many policy disagreements with Campbell, including some about political intervention at DEP Рwith some very bitter and some intensely personal Рall of which are dwarfed by and  irrelevant to this situation.

We have criticized the DEP’s NRD program and urged that it be strengthened. That too is irrelevant.

The Christie Administration’s attacks on Campbell are transparent and blatant attempts to kill the messenger and in doing so only confirm the allegations of improper political interference.

Good work Bradley!

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