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The Historic Hills of Hummelstown


Welcome to historic Hummelstown, Pennsylvania – where “Give, Advocate, Volunteer” is a way of life.

They celebrate history in Hummelstown, with monuments and downtown streetscapes:


They are mostly god fearing Christians here in Hummelstown:


And the streets are lined with modest flag draped homes of patriots, where everyone is proud to chant “USA, USA, USA!”, hates terrorists, and always takes their hats off for the Star Spangled Banner before the Friday night High School football game:

humm6In Hummelstown, they take care of their own, including those who can’t take care of themselves:


Hummelstown also has a police force that flies Old Glory alongside the State flag and is proud to “to protect and serve” the community:


Which takes us to our story today:

What kind of town finds an out of control cop who tazed and tortured an unarmed man for what seemed an eternity – when he was knocked down, incapacitated and lying face down in the snow with his hands clearly visible and screaming in agony – and then proceeded to shoot him not once but twice in the back as he lay face down in the snow, and then let him die, not guilty of all criminal charges?

What kind of perverse jury of peers is that?

What kind of town has elected officials who support that cop and allow her to return to duty, without hesitation?

What kind of town is full of residents who raise no objections to any of this?

A town like Hummelstown.

Watch the video, if you can stomach it. Viewer warning.


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