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Gov. Christie & Bob Martin Celebrate Earth Day

Duck Island – Epitome of Malign Neglect and Incompetence

“No time to wallow in the mire”

The Christie DEP just issued an Earth Day press release (reader warning: obscene lies).

We write policy stories and have exhaustively documented the Christie DEP record, so today we respond with a visual essay that captures the essence of the Christie environmental record and conveys my disgust and contempt for it – and his DEP Commissioner Bob Martin.

Shots are all of State public lands and a Trenton City park – taken last week on Duck Island, along the Delaware River in Trenton – about a mile from DEP HQ and the Gov.’s Office. Maybe they could get off their asses and cleanup the mess instead of issuing self serving press releases and taking credit for media.

Duck I1

Duck I2

Duck I3

Look beyond the garbage – that’s the PSEG fossil plant in the background:

Duck I4

Duck I5

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