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A Brief Note To Those Who Report On The Weather

Heat Waves Are Evidence of and Influenced By Climate Change

Thought I’d post this after reading anther inane story about the current heat wave – failure to mention this science is a not so subtle form of climate change denial.

How is it possible that news reporters and editors don’t know this? I realize that many in media flunked the non-college track High School science courses – and didn’t even take statistics and probability courses – but the Google does all the work now.

Why are they self censoring the issue? Are they afraid of criticism of the climate deniers? Or is money involved? What explains their professional journalistic negligence? Where is the State Climatologist?

From US EPA (boldface mine)

Key U.S. Projections

  • By 2100, the average U.S. temperature is projected to increase by about 3°F to 12°F, depending on emissions scenario and climate model. [1
  • An increase in average temperatures worldwide implies more frequent and intense extreme heat events, or heat waves. The number of days with high temperatures above 90°F is expected to increase throughout the United States, especially toward the end of the century.[1] Climate models project that if global emissions of greenhouse gases continue to grow, summertime temperatures in the United States that ranked among the hottest 5% in 1950-1979 will occur at least 70% of the time by 2035-2064. [1]

EPA climate

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