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This Is What Commercialization of State Parks Looks Like

Events, Weddings, Concerts – anything to raise cash


The DEP just unveiled a new Gazebo at Barnegat Lighthouse:

It will be used as a location for weddings and other special events, as a bandstand for summer concerts, as well as for general visits.

How does that gaudy Gazebo integrate with the Park’s passive recreational function and navigational history?:

Long Beach Island in Ocean County was regarded as one of the most crucial “change of course” points for coastal vessels. Vessels bound to and from New York along the New Jersey coastline depended on Barnegat Lighthouse to avoid the shoals extending from the shoreline. The swift currents, shifting sandbars, and the offshore shoals challenged the skills of even the most experienced sailor. The park is included as a maritime site on the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail.

In addition to the historic, aesthetic and visual impacts, the Gazebo took out the lovely picnic benches that were along the fence.

I like it lot better without the cheap Gazebo:




PS – Someone must have a big State contract on those Gazebo’s – they just dropped THREE of them in Bordentown Parks:

Lime Kiln Park, Bordentown, NJ

Lime Kiln Park, Bordentown, NJ

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