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Stories and Photos From 2016 – Part 3 (of 4)

See Part 1 (Jan. – March) and Part 2 (April – June).

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EPA Asked To Review Christie DEP Order for Compliance With the Clean Water Act

Senator Sweeney Sells Out NJ’s “Exceptional Value” Streams and Rivers – Cuts Deal With Christie DEP To Avoid Veto

Democrats Go All In For Hillary’s Military Madness

DNC – Clinton Wrap-up: No Room Under the Tent for Dissent or Activists

DNC – Everybody Knows

DNC in Philly Day 3 – Loathing and Dissipation At FDR Park “Philly Awakening”

DNC In Philly Day 2 – Jill Stein Talks To Bernie or Bust

Camden NJ and the Democratic Convention

My Lunatic Fringe Moment On InfoWars

Thousands March In Philadelphia for Climate, Clean Energy And Bernie Sanders

Clinton’s VP Pick Is A Climate Disaster

Christie DEP Will Hold Public Hearings On Water Permits For Controversial Pinelands Pipeline and Compressor Station

Christie DEP Denies Public Records Request For Emails On Highlands Act Science and Legislative History

Ah, Pastoral! – A Pipeline Runs Through It

Trump – Pence Logo

This Is What Commercialization of State Parks Looks Like

Oversight Of Toxic Site Cleanup Is Not A Local Government Responsibility

(In Search Of) Civilization

A Brief Note To Those Who Report On The Weather

Trump’s NJ Partner

Turtle Law A Perfect Example of Everything That’s Wrong With NJ’s Conservation Community & Press Corps

Star Ledger Editorial Repeats Call on Senate President Sweeney and Legislature to Veto Christie DEP’s Highlands Septic and Stream Buffer Rule Rollbacks

Christie DEP Report Outlines Devastating Impacts Of Climate Change On NJ Coast

NJ At A Crossroads: Garden State or Pipeline State?

The Real Significance of “The Chairman”

The Invisible People of Plumsted, NJ

Dog Days

NJ Highlands Defenders Blast Christie DEP Proposal To Rollback Clean Water Rules

Public Meeting On Christie DEP Highlands Septic Density Rollback Tonight

We Who Believe In Freedom Can Not Rest Until It Comes

“Extremely Dry” Drought Conditions Contradict “Normal” Drought Status – Scientists Warn “Trouble Ahead”

Citizen’s Guide To Using The Clean Water Act To Kill Pipelines

Trumpet Vine

“Heavy Hitter” My Ass

The Section 401 Water Quality Certificate Ice Is Broken

Plumsted Pastor Joins Developer In Seeking To Silence An “Outside Agitator”

Dear Pipeline People: The Christie DEP Is Not Your Friend

Plumsted Land Use Board Approves Massive Crosswicks Creek Development

State Ethics Commission Asks DEP To Conduct Ethics Review Of Corporate Drinking Water Quality Institute Appointee

EPA Did Nothing To Mitigate Risks Of Dupont-Chemours Spinoff Bankruptcy

Sentiments That Flow From Soils, Streams, and Rivers

Major Plumsted Sprawl Development Hearing On Tuesday July 5

FERC’d Again

State Ethics Commission Asked To Review Appointment of Chemical Industry Rep To Drinking Water Panel and Limit His Role

NJ Drinking Water Panel Welcomes New Chemical Industry Member


California Groundwater Fracking Story Sheds Light On Similar NJ Loopholes and Abuses

The Origin and Demise of New Jersey’s Open Market Emissions Trading Program

National Park System History “Not a Bed of Roses” – A “Bitter Struggle” Against “Private Exploitation At The Hands Of The Selfish Few”

Protesters Denounce Christie’s “Apartheid” School Funding Plan

Hundreds of Pipeline Opponents Force DEP To Cancel Public Hearing On Controversial Compressor Station Wetlands Permit and Clean Water Act Certificate

Climate Science Trumps Political Science

The Weight of the Flag

Ford Ringwood Superfund Debate on Chemical 1,4, Dioxane Illustrates Flaws In Drinking Water Standards

Beach Access Debate Is A Diversion From Climate Change and Real Ocean and Coastal Issues

Advice for PennEast and All NJ Pipeline Opponents On Upcoming DEP Permit Hearings

Hillary Clinton’s White House Transition Chief Cut Dirty Deal on Delaware Watergap Powerline

Anti-Pipeline Activists Target Christie DEP’s Clean Water Act Powers

Extreme Heat Wave Causes Blackout – Not of the Electric Grid, the News Grid

EPA Science Advisory Board Criticizes EPA Fracking Finding On “No Widespread Impacts”

Field Commander Renna Opens Space


DEP’s Own Scientific Report Finds Data DEP Relied On For Highlands Septic Rollback Is Riddled With Errors

Why Christie DEP Commissioner Martin Shut Down The Drinking Water Quality Institute

Senators Booker and Sweeney Team Up To Promote More Nuke Subsidies

USGS Study Finds NJ Highly Vulnerable To Lead In Drinking Water Due To Corrosive Water

View From the Crotch

Christie DEP Approves Another Fossil Fueled Power Plant


From Defunding State Parks To A Partnership With Donald Trump – They Know No Shame

Christie DEP Finds That Pipelines Crossing Streams Have “No Impact” On Them

The Chromium Pipe Treatment

Christie DEP Continues To Commercialize and Ruin State Parks

Whitman’s 9/11 Lies Were Not The First Time She Lied About Significant Public Health Risks Of Exposure To Toxic Chemicals



NJ Senate Takes First Step In Addressing Christie DEP Neglect of Drinking Water Protections

Think Before You Litigate – Public Access Lawsuit Blunder Now Apparent

Developing A Strategy To Move A Climate And Green Jobs Agenda

Labor Day Thoughts

Christie DEP Abusing OPRA to Cover Up Privatization Of Planning, Financing, and Management Of Public Lands

Pompton Lakes Drinking Water Contaminated With Same Toxic Chemical Recently Found At Ford Ringwood Superfund Site

Christie DEP Demands $1 Million Insurance Policy And A “Special Use” Permit Before Local Group Can Hike To See Sparta Mountain Logging Damage

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