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Trump Facing Oliver Street Rebellion

Sessions Perjury The Last Straw

The latest scandal in the Trump Cabinet – disclosures that show that Attorney General Sessions lied during his sworn testimony during Senate confirmation hearings by denying communications with Russia during the campaign in response to a point blank question by Senator Franken – have spurred the Dog Democracy into full blown why we fight revolutionary rebellion mode!

We’re demanding a special Prosecutor to investigate and dispatch both Sessions and Trump.

[Update: read NY Times Op-Ed: “Jeff Sessions Needs To Go”]

And it’s only a matter of time before all the dirt comes out on EPA Administrator Pruitt and Secretary of State Tillerson


End Note: I suspect some Trump supporting vandals smashed an old fashioned globe I had on the front porch sometime last night – remember them? I used to have it lit up until the lightbulb died and there are no replacements! I got the globe in flood debris in Stockton, NJ following Hurricane Irene in August 2011 

Hurricane Irene /11

Hurricane Irene 8/11

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