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Why Does Murphy (for NJ Gov.) Pal Around With Trump Partners?

I’ve not been following the NJ Gov.’s race, but after reading today’s NJ Spotlight story about the Obama visit and endorsement, I thought I’d look at Murphy’s environmental issues agenda.

I was particularly pleased by the the Obama event’s valid and strong criticisms of Trump, including this statement by candidate Murphy:

“In 19 days, the world is going to be looking at New Jersey,” he said. “In 19 days, the world is going to look and see what kind of politics do we believe in, what kind of community do we believe in, what are our priorities, what are our values, what do we want to teach our kids what kind of message do we want to send to them?”

So, I thought I’d take Murphy up on his observation and see what kind of  politics and policies he believes in.

The headline to this press release immediately caught my eye: Labor & Environmental Leaders Give Strong Support to Sheila Oliver for Lieutenant Governor.

Obviously, it is important to know who Murphy views as an “environmental leader”.

That’s when I almost fell off my chair in reading this:

Kelly Mooij, Political Chair, New Jersey League of Conservation Voters Board:
“Phil Murphy chose an environmental steward in Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver, who joins the Democratic gubernatorial ticket as a candidate for lieutenant governor. Like Murphy, the former Assembly speaker from Essex County is a strong supporter of environmental protections and is prepared to lead New Jersey on key environmental issues like clean energy, climate change, and removing lead in drinking water … We believe Murphy and Oliver will work tirelessly to improve the quality of the air, drinking water, and open spaces for all New Jersey residents to enjoy.”

Does the Murphy campaign or the candidate himself know that Ms. Mooij serves as Vice President for Governmental Affairs at NJ Audubon?

And that NJ Audubon has a “partnership” with Donald Trump at his Bedminster Golf Course?

Aside from the many reprehensible outrages of Trump, that golf course has been the focus of significant critical national press attention, e.g. “Secret Service Spends $13,500 on Golf Cart Rentals on Trump’s Bedminster Golf Trip.

Read NJ Audubon’s own website, which brags about the Trump deal, as part of its “Corporate Stewardship” program: 



I challenge the Murphy campaign to distance themselves from NJ Audubon and repudiate the Trump-Audubon deal.

Based on the recognition of and reliance on Ms Mooij as a “leader”, I question whether the Murphy administration will enact corporate friendly “corporate stewardship” policies that groups like NJ LCV and NJ Audubon support.

Where is the press corps on these controversial issues?

Where is NJ Spotlight, who almost exclusively covers environmental policy in NJ?

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