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El MalPais National Monument


We’re in El Malpais National Monument in western New Mexico now, on the road from Flagstaff to Santa Fe.

It’s a rugged and lovely landscape, with easily climbed sandstone cliffs and ledges, so we’ve spent 4 days here.


While it’s been sunny and almost 60 degrees in the afternoon (a cold 30 at night), the wind has howled so strongly and continuously – – at least 25 mph constant with 40+ mph gusts – that we’ve been unable to spend a lot of time outdoors.


We are on the Continental Divide trail and see lots of hikers – we’ve tried to help in providing conversation, water, and snacks.

The surrounding lands are either fenced or Indian Reservation, so walks are limited.

Oh well, while the cactus love it, at least we’ve had lots of reading time.



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