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We’re in visual mode, so here’s a superb piece on AOC’s recent release of Green New Deal posters, see:

The release of posters clearly shows that AOC understands the relationships between art, culture and politics.

Reminds me of why I posted this over 10 years ago: (apologies about the photos. The site NJ. com where this was originally posted, killed all my photo files and the links are stale too!):

We’re in Crescent City, California.

The Climate Strike here sucked.

The school administrators and teachers co-opted the event by diverting the kids to a beach litter cleanup.

By doing that, they were trying to block any challenges to authority and sought to depoliticize the climate issue.

They undermined a student’s agency, denied the power of organizing, and frustrated any movement mobilizing.

And they diverted kids from the climate emergency issue to politically safe issue of litter.

The whole things was about power and control. Kids must ask permission, follow orders, and not upset the status quo. Hardly a “strike”.

But – reckoning back to a 1960′ Teach In” –  the day could have been about climate science, civics, and the history of political movements – collective deliberations fundamental to the practice of democracy – all topics that have been banished from the school curricula since Reagan.

In fact, I attempted an impromptu lecture on the beach with the kids on exactly these topics. But the teachers quickly swooped in to shepherd the kids away from the madman on the beach. Can’t have any dangerous ideas reaching the ears of our kids!

Strange. But same old same old.

I participated in the first “Earth Day” school walkout in 1970. The school officials did exactly the same thing.

We walked around the perimeter of our Washington Irving Junior High School, following the Principal and teachers.

But thank goodness some of us saw right through that bullshit and rebelled.

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