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The Covid Boxer

Lizard Head Pass - May 5, 2020

Bouy in the snows of Lizard Head Pass – May 5, 2020

I do declare there were times when I was so lonesome
I took some comfort there. ~~~ The Boxer (Simon & Garfunkel, (1970)

Back in 1970, Simon and Garfunkel were referring to taking “some comfort” in whorehouses.

I’ll admit the modern equivalent of being on the road and say that I’ve overnighted more than once in a Walmart parking lot – today’s whorehouses of consumption, labor exploitation, and Covid (but my desire stemmed from hunger, not loneliness)

As I write this, I’m parked in the Walmart in Montrose, Colorado. With State lands and national forests closed and the Border Patrol and multiple cops of many ¬†jurisdictions watching and moving people along, its getting more difficult to find legal and free places (so much for that mythical western rugged individualist who chafed at authority).

But what I can’t understand is how the assholes – in $200,000 huge RV buses, often pulling boats and $50,000 off road vehicles and running loud generators to allow them to watch their TeeVees – ¬†also spend the night there.


But I guess nothing’s really changed since I was a teenager in 1970

Look at Mother Nature on the run

In the 1970’s. ~~~ Neil Young

No, let me retract that.

Much has changed: it’s all gotten much, much worse (and it is murder).

They are now openly killing people to maintain corporate profits.

And it’s still all lies:

In the clearing stands a boxer, and a fighter by his trade
And he carries the reminders
Of every glove that laid him down or cut him
‘Til he cried out in his anger and his shame
“I am leaving, I am leaving”, but the fighter still remains

Lie la lie, lie la lie la lie la lie
Lie la lie, lie la lie la lie la lie, la la lie la lie

Lie la lie, lie la lie la lie la lie
Lie la lie, lie la lie la lie la lie, la la lie la lie

x National Forest, west of

San Juan National Forest, west of Telluride Co.

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