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AIM High

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In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

His statue went down in Minneapolis yesterday.

Listen to interview with spokeswoman for the American Indian Movement on KPFA’s Dennis Bernstein’s show “Flashpoints”, who explains the history and context.

Then Watch the video.

For anyone who has a problem with this “destruction of property” (or history, art, or culture), just recall the cheerleading for the propaganda stunt staged during the US invasion of Iraq, when US national security folks arranged for the takedown of Sadaam’s statue in Baghdad, and the how the US media cheerleaded for that. Then think of US destruction of cultural resources.

Many people of good faith have been Fighting Domestic Terrorism Since 1492: (photo below of testimony at PSE&G Salem nuclear power plant permit hearing (August 2015)PSEG-nuke2 (1)


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