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A Bold Stealth Camping Move

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We’re heading east across Michigan’s upper peninsula.

It’s been extremely hot and humid, the last 3 days around 95 and humid. Local fishermen and birders I spoke with tell me this is highly unusual, that July days are typically in the 60’s and even have dipped to the 50’s. I haven’t confirmed that, but can confirm that it is HOT and HUMID.

Nights haven’t cooled down, and the skeeters are murder (especially in the places we find to camp, which typically are boat launch sites surrounded by water.)

Last night we found an excellent place in Rapid River, Michigan at a pretty  isolated boat launch on the Little Bay de Noc on Lake Michigan. Gorgeous! I figured we could spend several days here, despite the pretty intense skeeters (many beers and bug spray solved that problem).

But, just after dark, assholes showed up with fireworks, that totally freaked out my dog!

So we left mid morning today.

After our morning walk, breakfast, and coffee, by 10 am, it was already hot.

I gave Bouy one more swim to cool down and headed out along Route 2 eastbound.

Tons of traffic, mostly headed west. As we go further east, it got more and more touristy and second home development. Bad driving and a bad signs for finding a good stealth spot for overnight camping.

After a few stops along the way to get the dog in the water and cool him down from the heat, by 3 pm, I was tired and looking for a place to park for the night.

After a few failed attempts on forest and local roads, as I was driving by an old abandoned gas station, I notice that it had an old rusted out Skoolie parked in the lot.

So, I figured that old bus needed company and pulled in right next to it!

Hope I live to see the sun rise –

The dude who owns the place has a large “Locked and Loaded” poster on the window, and the grass is freshly mown. But I figured the odds of someone coming by on Friday night on a 4th of July weekend were slim. Ditto for the cops and my bus blends in with the other one already there.

Perhaps my boldest stealth camping maneuver ever!

Happy Fourth of July – Freedom and USA! USA! USA! all the way, baby! (snark)


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