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Green Ghouls

What fine people at the NJ Highlands Coalition thought this was a good idea?

Last night, my inbox brought a reprehensible email from the NJ Highlands Coalition.

Frankly, I thought the constant fundraising emails from NJ Audubon – some of which manipulate poor & minority EJ communities under sales pitches for extremely expensive binoculars and luxury eco-tours or lie about logging – were about as low as it can go.

But now, the Green Ghouls are fundraising around death.

That’s right, in the midst of the deadly COVID pandemic, the NJ Highlands Coalition is fundraising on death.

I am so disgusted by the total frauds that parade around NJ as “environmental groups” and sell out in a heartbeat in favor of fundrasing.

At  a time when climate catastrophe and increasing nutrient pollution loads are destroying the ecological health of NJ’s waters, and a deadly public health epidemic is raging, these bastards only care about funding their organizations.

Here’s the latest creepy and corrupt BS from the Highlands Coalition – just give them money when you die:

Naming the New Jersey Highlands Coalition as the beneficiary of an account is a simple way to give and doesn’t cost you any money. As part of your estate planning, you can name a charity as the beneficiary of any of the following accounts.

Hey all you rich old white people dropping like flies in NJ’s nursing homes and then stacked like cordwood, before you expire, be sure to call your estate planners and lawyers and name the NJ Highlands Coalition in your last will and testament.

And, best of all, it doesn’t cost you any money!

What fine people at the NJ Highlands Coalition thought this was a good idea?

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