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No Sponsored Content. No Ads. No Foundation Grants. No Member Fees. No Fundraisers. No Money.

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We’re hanging out right now with nothing in particular to do, but feeling resentful of all the bullshit fundraising requests we get from just about everyone under the sun.

They all come along with a self serving line of crap about how effective they are, yada yada.

So, we thought we’d look into some of our own metrics here, and report the following:

Since we began here around 2009, we’ written 3,518 posts (many with photos).

Total reader page views at Wolfenotes: 794,207.

Average time on page 3:09.

That’s with no budget, no staff, no volunteers, no equipment, no office, no internet support services, no funding, no promotion or marketing, no ads, no reader fees, no fundraising, no groveling Op-Ed’s, no mainstream media cheerleading quotes and links, no false praise and endorsements of politicians, no appearances at press conferences, no speaking engagements, no invitations to meetings, no bullshit – pure solo and no money at all.

And most of it was written on the road from a van, a bus, or a local library or coffee house or bar.

Sometimes in the desert, or the national forests, or BLM lands – or Walmart parking lots – wherever we could find a WiFi connection.

I wish Google analytics had a function to track impact or effectiveness, measured perhaps as influence on policy outcomes; the positions or behavior of environmental groups, regulators or legislators or activists; or media coverage.

I think I could show those kinds of impacts, but it would take an enormous amount of work. Fuck that. Let the Wm. Penn and Dodge Foundations focus on the sham metrics their grantees send them!

Regardless, I think I win the cost effectiveness contest!

Don’t send money, I’ve got a blockchain scam going! hahahahahaha!

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