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Christie Governing: “By Invitation Only”

We have been closely following and writing in depth about the Christie transition process, particularly the threats to the environment posed by a planned moratorium on regulations (see this post and this and this and this)

But a well crafted quote can often better portray what’s going on than thousands of words of analysis – especially when it is from the horse’s mouth.

In this case, Lieutenant Governor elect Guadagno managed to let the cat right out of the bag.

In one quote, she revealed both how Christie thinks about governing, and exposed WHO that governing will serve:

Guadagno said Christie will evaluate all of New Jersey’s regulations to see how to make things easier for businesses that want to invest in the state. He’s looking at what he can freeze by executive order when he takes office, Guadagno said.

There will be 15 meetings between now and Christmas with groups throughout the state, but most of the meetings are by invitation-only, Guadagno said.

Guadagno is in charge of what will be known as the Red Tape Review group – or commission. They’re still working out which word to use, because one carries certain legal connotations, Guadagno said.

It’s just to get an idea of where we’re going,” she said.

[complete Star Ledger story here: – hey, maybe some intrepid reporter out there will grow a spine and ask about the “horror stories” being sought by Christie]

So let’s recap what Guadagno just said:

1. The prime objective is to make things easier (code for more profitable) for business;
2. The process is closed to the public and will be driven by business interests;
3. The Christie team has no clue “where they are going” and will rely on business interests to set priorities and the direction of policy;
4. Christie will use slogans like “red tape” and “bureaucracy” to mask his agenda and smear government and public employees.
5. The Christie team is so inexperienced with actual governing that they don’t even know the vocabulary and can’t even name the process they are establishing.

Only the beginning.

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    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

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