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Happy 50th! – Back to the Future? Noah’s Arc Update!

[Update: 12/5/10 From the Creation Museum to Noah’s Arc! No bullshit, you can’t make this stuff up. NY Times reports:


Today is the 50th Anniversary of The Flinstones (Source: Google)
Today is the 50th Anniversary of The Flinstones (Source: Google)

“When you enter the Garden of Eden there are lots of animals and it shows Adam when he named all of them.

Before the fall Dinosaurs were herbivores that lived in the Garden of Eden along with Adam, Eve, and the rest of the animals.

If you look closely in this picture you can see the serpent in the tree. He actually looked much creepier than I have ever pictured him in my mind!” Scenes from The Creation Museum


Is this child abuse?

h/t to Matt Tiabbi’s latest Rolling Stone article “Tea and Crackers“. A taste:

Buried deep in the anus of the Bible Belt, in a little place called Petersburg, Kentucky, is one of the world’s most extraordinary tourist attractions: the Creation Museum, a kind of natural-history museum for people who believe the Earth is 6,000 years old. When you visit this impressively massive monument to fundamentalist Christian thought, you get a mind-blowing glimpse into the modern conservative worldview. One exhibit depicts a half-naked Adam and Eve sitting in the bush, cheerfully keeping house next to dinosaurs — which, according to creationist myth, not only lived alongside humans but were peaceful vegetarians until Adam partook of the forbidden fruit. It’s hard to imagine a more telling demonstration of this particular demographic’s unmatched ability to believe just about anything.

Even more disturbing is an exhibit designed to show how the world has changed since the Scopes trial eradicated religion from popular culture. Visitors to the museum enter a darkened urban scene full of graffiti and garbage, and through a series of windows view video scenes of families in a state of collapse. A teenager, rolling a giant doobie as his God-fearing little brother looks on in horror, surfs porn on the Web instead of reading the Bible. (“A Wide World of Women!” the older brother chuckles.) A girl stares at her home pregnancy test and says into the telephone, “My parents are not going to know!” As you go farther into the exhibit, you find a wooden door, into which an eerie inscription has been carved: “The World’s Not Safe Anymore.”

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