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A Great Day to Be in the Woods

Views Along the AT at Delaware Watergap

Mt. Tammany (NJ) viewed from Mt. Minsi (Pa.)

Mt. Tammany (NJ) viewed from Mt. Minsi (Pa.)









At the end of the trail, after a spectacular day in the woods, I met this gentleman (80 years young). He was working on “dark matter”, as part of his book on the history of the universe. I asked him about his work, and sat and listened as he laid out his cosmology and religous views. While he saw “intelligent design” throughout the universe and here on earth, contrary to the ignorant anti-evolutionary “intelligent design” religous political advocacy wingnuts, he was remarkably scientifically literate. He said he was completely convinced on the truth of the Bible when he first read it as a child. He had been been a Baptist preacher, then a theology professor, and after reading everything in his theological field (he mentioned his 3,000 book library he had since boxed up), left religion to seek larger truths, including scientific ones. He spoke intelligently about the various theories of a host of philosophers and scientists, from Democritus’ “particle” universe, to Descartes’ cartesion model, to Newtonian physics, and the space time quantum model of Einstein. He weaved this science into his own model, which was comprised of various spiritual and energy levels. He viewed the recently discovered “dark matter” as providing space to fit in angels - the angels being the source of the “dark matter” in the vacuum of “ghost”. It was a fun and facinating conversation about religion, spirituality, and science. The perfect end of a great day in the woods!’

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