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Martin Signals Plans to Gut Water Quality Rules

Yesterday’s Assembly Budget Committee hearing on the FY’12 DEP budget was consistent with the tradition of Legislators – on a bipartisan basis – to use this hearing as an opportunity to bash DEP and advocate for special interests.

Ed Rodgersof NJN captured a perfect illustration, during an important exchange on the DEP’s water quality management planning rules (watch it here).

Assemblyman Coutino (D-Essex) was carrying the builders water in attacking DEP’s WQMP rules.

Coutino spouted a big lie, implying that DEP WQMP rules were impeding economic redevelopment, when we all know that Wall Street and the real estate bubble are the cause.

DEP Commisisoner Martin went right along with that attack, going even further to suggest legislation to rollback current DEP rules.

But that was no surprise to us – for the Martin record and links to documents, see: Bob Martin Rolls Back Clean Water Rules – Holds Sham “Stakeholder” Meeting To Provide Cover)

Anyone interested on the history of the political assault on these rules, see: Builders Gone Wild  and Legal Corruption – Senator Sarlo Shills for Builders

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