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The Banality of Red Tape

“Only the mob and the elite can be attracted by the momentum of totalitarianism itself. The masses have to be won by propaganda.”  ~~~ Hannah Arendt

Breaking news! Since last we wrote (see: The Dialectic of Red Tape), the Philadelphia Inquirer reports stunning new developments on the Red Tape front.

Looks like Johnny can’t read because of – you guessed it – Red Tape!

Christie names task force to cut red tape in education

By Rita Giordano

Inquirer Staff Writer

A task force aimed at cutting red tape and excess regulations in public education was appointed Monday by Gov. Christie. …

“While we must hold educators accountable and measure how effectively they are teaching our children, we must also give the leaders in our schools the flexibility they need to drive innovation in the classroom and deliver the best results,” Christie said in a statement.

The task force is charged with recommending ways to increase instruction quality and academic achievement, improve teacher effectiveness and student safety, and eliminate or change burdensome regulations.

The only slogans he left out were: 1) treating kids like customers, 2) the need for a revised mission and cultural transformation in schools to promote economic development, and 3) common sense regulations based on rigorous cost benefit analysis!

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