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A Deeply Mysterious Whodunit Story

[Update: 7/2/11 – In contrast to the Ledger story, see Jim O’neill’s Bergen Record story today, which specifically addresses each deficiency I noted in the Ledger story. Coincidence?:  River too dirty to host oysters – end]

Today’s Star Ledger runs a page one story on NJ’s toxic environment and the Clean Water Act: Piles Creek species remain at risk despite environmental protections

The story concludes with this recommendation:

Weis — who is chair of the [AHEM! “controversial”] science advisory board of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, has served on committees for the Environmental Protection Agency, and is currently writing about water for the United Nations — believes the Clean Water Act and other environmental protections since the 1960s have brought life back to Piles Creek and other places. Yet she said the environmental threats remain.

“The current regulations are allowing really dreadful places like Piles Creek become better,” she said. “However, it will take a lot more effort, money and stronger regulations — and a lot of years — for them to really become healthy environments.”

Wow. This is a page one story? Where do I begin?

Maybe next time, the Ledger reporter will explore and inform readers of the context and a few important facts, like:

  • Who are the corporate polluters who made this toxic mess?
  • Are they paying to clean it up?
  • Are DEP or EPA enforcing the Clean Water Act on those polluters?
  • What is the status of current regulations and is there any prospect of new regulations under the Christie Administration?
  • What is the status of current funding and is there any prospect of increased funding under the Christie Administration?
  • What are the threats to the ecosystem and public health from this pollution?
  • How prevalent is this toxic pollution in NJ?
  • What is the DEP Science Advisory Board and what are they doing?

Perhaps the Ledger reporter needs an intervention by Wolfenotes.

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