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Is Christie Media Beach Party Over? (Revised- Tittel’s Top Ten)


[Update: 6/5/11 – The answer would be YES –

And here’s Jeff Tittel’s “Top Ten” (printed without permission!):

  1. Christie had to stop at his son’s baseball game to pick up a bat for the media to go after Sen Weinberg
  2. He wanted to visit the Highlands before his appointees destroyed it
  3. He wanted to out run Sarah Palins bus up the turnpike
  4. He wanted the blowback from the helicopter to mess up Trump”s hair.
  5. He was on a DEA enforcement mission to see if there were NJEA members acting as drug mules.
  6. Eliminated by the Red Tape Review
  7. Now that we pulled out of RGGI he could increase our carbon foot print
  8. He wanted to see how much of the $500 million surplus he could waste
  9. He thought the State Police would let him take aerial target practice on public employees
  10. a helicopter is the only thing that can spin faster then Drewniak
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