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Animal Rescue Operation Brings A New Friend

About a month ago, Alex, the caretaker of the property I live on, asked me if I wanted a puppy. He told me of a woman who rescued dogs from North Carolina shelters and said she had some Lab pups I might be interested in (I lost my 14 year old Yellow Lab Amber last winter, so Alex knew I was looking for a new friend).

So I said sure – ask her if she has a black lab and I’ll take him!

Well, last Friday I got a call that the woman had a dog for me and would be at a local farm – so I excitedly drove on over to check it out!

The woman’s name is Jessica and she runs an outfit called Saving Fur Kids Rescue, Inc.” (great site, but bad music alert, so turn the sound off or way down). If you have a place in your heart and your home, please rescue one of Jessica’s friends!

So, now meet Buoy (boo – ee). About 3 month old male Lab – Boxer mix – isn’t he gorgeous!



As soon as we took him out of the crate in the back of Jessica’s truck, Buoy literlly jumped into my arms and started licking my face and neck!

He looked hot, so while we filled out the paperwork, I gave him a bowl of water – and on the way home, sure enough, Buoy deposited that in my lap!

But what a great dog. Smart, loyal and – for a puppy – incredibly calm demeanor with amazing discipline. House trained in 1 day. Learned to obey the sit command and stay by my side as I walk almost immediately – a real mind reader.

We are now working on “come”, “stay” and “fetch”!



Buoy doesn’t seem to like the water (yet!) and the only things he chews on are his toys and a pair of my old sneakers.

The beginning of a beautiful friendship! Hope to soon embark on my Travels with Buoy!


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    What a beautiful baby – congrats!

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