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Don’t Watch This Video – Extreme Graphic Content

NOAA - July composite hazard assessment

NOAA - July composite hazard assessment

[Update 7/21/11 – At least “EnviroGuy”, Todd Bates of  the Asbury Park Press gets it: Heat wave latest example of extreme weather – end update]

Simultaneously Occuring Extreme Record Breaking Heat – Floods – Drought – Wildfires.

That’s from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center (see above).

Following record tornados and unusual biological phenomena, like western US bark beetles and food crises and declines in agricultural productivity.

Which gives me a good science and graphical basis to post this video.

I’ve been looking to post this video for a few weeks.

But don’t hit this link and don’t watch this video and don’t read the Washington Post Op-Ed upon which it is based.

And don’t visit this site.

And certainly don’t read this book. 

They all just might give you some scientific information and subversive ideas that prompt radical direct action, civil disobedience, and the like (honoring a deeply principled  American tradition of dissent) .

Huge thanks to Rutgers Associate Professor David Tulloch and his superb Places and Spaces blog, which posted the NOAA graphic which gave me the idea for how to do it.

Tulloch is Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture in Rutgers’ School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. His blog consistently provides superb content and wonderful photography. Strongly recommend a visit there.

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