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D&R Greenway Volunteers Build Trails

In my neck of the woods (i.e. Southern Hunterdon County – Sourlands Region), the D&R Greenway Land Trust is a leading land conservation group.

But they do a lot more – check out their site for hikes, local trails, events, and volunteer opportunities.

I love their trail design, particularly how trials are laid out to bring the hiker in intimate relation with existing old rock walls, ruins, and rock formations.

I especially love the rock stairs and trail seats.

So, I must say, I felt like a freeloader when I recently came across D&R Greenway work on new trails – literally in my Rocktown (West Amwell) backyard! (adjacent to the Alexauken Wildlife Management Area)

Check out the fun D&R volunteers were having last weekend – and join them next time!

trail laid out - downed trees cut

trail laid out - downed trees cut

building trail

building trail






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