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State Line Trail – AT

This hike is one of the best – see NY/NJ Trail Conference for info:

I set out from the trailhead just west of (above) Greenwood Lake marina.

Appalachian Trail - at NY/NJ Border

Appalachian Trail - at NY/NJ Border

Perfect day – some ice on rocks in the morning, but it warmed up pretty quickly.

Superb views of Greenwood Lake, and north towards Bear Mountain. Too bad that high ozone haze impeded views somewhat.

Managed to re-sprain my ankle along the AT just about a mile north of the state line (I sprained it a little over a month ago playing soccer with kids next door).

So it was tricky coming down, as I had to “club foot” as I rock hopped along downhill portions of the trail that were flowing streams and/or leaf covered rocks.

After I got back in the car, needed some refreshments, but the Rainbow Inn was closed for the season, so, had to drive home hungry and with a stiff ankle! Check out the show:

Greenwood Lake

Greenwood Lake








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