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Parents of Superfund in Pompton Lakes Tomorrow

Love Canal Activist Lois Gibbs & Former Congressman & Governor Jim Florio to Speak at Community Rally and EPA Hearing

Dupont Cleanup Plan presented informally by EPA (October 20, 2011)

Dupont Cleanup Plan presented informally by EPA (October 20, 2011)

Just a quick note to readers – too long for a tweet and too short for a blog post – to remind folks of tomorrow’s community rally in Pompton Lakes at 4 pm, followed by an EPA hearing at 7 pm.

Please be there if you can.

(Hit this link for the Bergen Record’s set up story and this link for the EPA Public Notice and EPA fact sheet, and EPA regulatory documents.)

There have been significant development since back on December 6, when we urged folks Occupy Dupont Pompton Lakes – January 5 – Free The Toxic Hostages

The Citizens for a Clean Pompton Lakes invited Lois Gibbs to speak. Gibbs is the citizen activist from Love Canal (NY) who put the toxic site problem on the national radar screen.

The Edison Wetlands Association invited former NJ Governor and Congressman Jim Florio to speak. Florio is the original sponsor of the Superfund law.

In addition to these national leaders who will speak, there are unique and severe threats to human health and the environment that remain unresolved – making this Dupont site one of the worst in the country :

  • The Dupont Pompton Lakes site is perhaps the worst example of “vapor intrusion” in the country (450 homes are poisoned by Dupont chemicals seeping up from the polluted groundwater);
  • State and federal health officials have documented elevated cancer rates that are associated with chemicals in soil, groundwater and vapors;
  • highly toxic mercury is poisoning fish, wildlife, and ecosystems of the region
  • over 100 areas on the Dupont site have not been cleaned up and remain contaminated, after 30 YEARS of neglect by state and federal agencies
  • The failure to disclose the longstanding presence and risks of vapor intrusion until 2008 raises potential criminal fraud and wrongdoing.

We urge readers to attend and pass the word to fellow activists.

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