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Watergap Powerline Hearing a Hoot


It was a packed house last night in Andover for the third and final public hearing on the Susquehanna Roseland power line proposal through Delaware Watergap National Recreation Area and the Appalachian Trail corridor.

I testifed on Tuesday’s hearing – one of only 18. But last night, there was a huge line to signup for testimony (I was #63). The trade unions brought a lot of people, but there were far more park lovers and opponents in attendance.

The Public comment period closes on January 31, 2012, so be sure to get your cards and letters in. Here is the link to submit comments.

Don’t forget to mention that you support the preferred “No Build” alternative and that the proposed “mitigation” money is totally unacceptable in principle.

The Park, the AT, and the integrity of NEPA and the National Park Service are not for sale to the highest corporate bidder.


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