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Another Patronage Hack Installed On DEP Management Team

[Update: 3/23/12 – A comment from my friend Bill Neil prompts me to reflect: just let this sink in for a moment:

The head of NJ’s natural resource programs is a former corporate real estate executive.

His real estate experience in “land acquisition” is touted as a qualification by DEP Commissioner Martin.

No NJ ENGO’s or news outlets object, and some ENGO’s continue to praise and work with the Christie Administration.

That about sums things up. – end update

DEP Commissioner Bob Martin likes to tout his private sector credentials, and stress his management expertise and emphasis on performance metrics.

Well, I didn’t go to B-School, but I recall my mom told me: “Measure a man by those he surrounds himself with.”

By that measure, Martin is a failure.

Rich Boornazian, new DEP Assistant Commissioner for Historic and Natural Resources

Rich Boornazian, new DEP Assistant Commissioner for Natural and Historic Resources

So, today we note Martin’s announcement that he installed another manager with no environmental training or experience.

I guess it’s Martin’s economic development and customer service management philosophy that qualifies the new Assistant Commissioner (because he obviously knows nothing about natural resources or history).

Martin wrote:

effective Monday, March 26, current Green Acres and Ecological Restoration Administrator Rich Boornazian will fill the critical role of Assistant Commissioner for Natural and Historic Resources.

Rich has 30 years of diverse management experience in the fields of information technology, land acquisition, finance and private consulting. Before joining DEP two years ago, Rich was Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., and since then has adeptly led our land acquisition program under Green Acres. I have great confidence in Rich’s leadership as we implement the Sustainable Funding Strategy for State Parks, DEP Goal #4.

Maybe the new boat ramp access fees were Rich’s brainfart?

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  1. Bill Neil
    March 23rd, 2012 at 14:47 | #1

    Bill, you’re making this up, aren’t you? The head of Green Acres and “Ecological Restoration” was a VP and CIO from Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., and now moving up the DEP chain? It seems as if the environmental “community” in NJ has lost its ability to maintain sympathetic appointments to even its most crucial departments. So is it “real estate” or habitat?

  2. Bill Wolfe
    March 23rd, 2012 at 18:09 | #2

    @Bill Neil

    No Bill, you can make this stuff up. A corporate real estate guy is head on NJ DEP natural resources.

    And the Christie administration enjoys either active support or a pass from many NJ ENGO’s.

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