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Flemington Stinks Again – DEP Still Does Nothing

Johanna Farms Wastewater Plant Pollutes Town

Johanna Farms plant in Flemington NJ creates severe odor problems for neighbors


During the summer of 2010, we reported that:  Johanna Farms Flemington Plant Upset Causing Huge Odor Problems

During the summer of 2011, we again reported:  Stop the Stink in Flemington – Johanna Farms Plant Still Smells

And just this week, the Hunterdon County Democrat reported:

Pungent smell wafting from Johanna Foods returns, prompting complaints from neighbors

RARITAN TOWNSHIP — Every summer, like clockwork, the pungent smell returns, and this year is no different.

A foul odor has once again begun to emanate from Johanna Foods, which manufactures Tree Ripe orange juice, Ssips juices and La Yogurt at its plant in Raritan Township.

The smell has caused neighbors to complain to the county health department and state Department of Environmental Protection.

“This is a problem that happens every summer,” said resident Beth McGregor, who lives in the nearby Carriage Gates development. “It smells every morning. … You can’t open your windows. You can’t sit outside.”

Just imagine not being able to go outside due to the stink.

Despite hundreds of citizens complaints and a pattern of violations, DEP has done nothing to take enforcement action and mandate corrective action.

Years ago, DEP claimed that they would require modifications to the Johanna Farms wastewater treatment system, including making the system totally enclosed.

Yet years later, nothing has been done.

Maybe DEP Commissioner Bob Martin – who lives in tony Hopewell – should take a ride up to Flemington sometime.

Maybe some first hand experience would convince him of the need for his “customer friendly” DEP to take enforcement action.

Even “Businessman Bob” knows that investors don’t invest in towns that literally stink worse than a latrine.

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