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Season’s Greetings Disintegrating

[Update 12/31/12 – Mainstream media waits for and follows State Climatologist – only official government sources – and Jeff Tittel – seem to matter to them. Echoing everything we’ve been saying:  2012 Hottest Year Ever in Jersey

What really pushed up the average for the year was winter, with February temperatures coming in 7.4 degrees above normal statewide and March nearly 10 degrees higher than usual.

But, the story lazily and timidly repeats the standard line on deniers:

While some scientists continue to dispute the notion of global warming, most climate experts say the evidence is now overwhelming — and the trend in New Jersey echoes the pattern nationally and globally.

But climate deniers have zero credibility:

end update


Season’s Greetings, from NOAA

Scenes from the rapidly changing past: (and I’ve lost all these photos – and these too! – due to hard drive crash, so can only post links)

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