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Christie DEP Press Spokesman Calls DEP A “Horrible Bureaucracy”

Gov. Christie Sets The Tone – DEP Spokesperson Attacks His Own Agency

They say a fish rots from the head down –

That kernel of folk wisdom was affirmed by Gov. Christie’s Administration in a series of outrageous remarks this week.

The fish’s head disgorged rotting flesh earlier this week, when Gov. Christie – speaking in a black Baptist church in Paterson – managed to attack Assembly Speaker Oliver (a black woman); to praise white flight from Newark; to offend the Pastor and Congregation, and to call a black man a “boy”.

Extremely hard to top that.

But, DEP spokesman Larry Ragonese sure seemed to try –

Larry comes in at a distant second in smearing DEP as an institution and DEP professionals who have dedicated their careers to public service.

In a “fact check” story about DEP historic staffing levels, Larry Ragonese of the DEP press office called DEP a “horrible bureaucracy”.

Politifact reported:

Ragonese disagrees.

While DEP staffing at one point topped 4,000 (in the early 1990s), the state’s environmental concerns have changed, requiring less staffing. The agency also has worked to become more streamlined and efficient in accordance with goals set by Christie and DEP Commissioner Bob Martin.

“We’re taking care of the state’s air, water, land and natural resources but we have to run like a business, to make this place work better, to take steps away from being a horrible bureaucracy,” Ragonese said. He added that DEP has improved water quality and air quality levels while reducing emissions and contaminants.

Ragonese is following the lead of his boss, Commissioner Bob Martin.

Martin is notorious for attacking DEP as an institution and smearing DEP professionals.

Larry and Bob can have their own warped ideas and policies that seek to run DEP like a “customer friendly” “business” that “promotes economic growth”.

But they can’t misrepresent, smear, and lie about DEP’s history or DEP’s professionals.

Time for both to resign.

Closing  Note to Politifact: (from some smart dude named “tony bob”  :))

This is another lousy “fact check”.

First, you criticize Tittel for OVERESTIMATING current DEP staff – absurd. It only makes his point stronger.

Second, you take Larry Ragonese’s word as gospel – Larry is a known liar and spinmeister with little credibility among the media professionals that actually do real substantive work.

Third, you forget to consider the concept of authorized positions versus filled positions – along with the severe institutional loss of experienced DEP staffers to retirement.

Last, you forget the Gov. Whitman cut back DEP workweek from 40 hours to 35 hours, a 12% reduction (that’s another cut of about 340 more FTE’s).

All the numbers need to be adjusted downward for that!!

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