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Obama Visits Fracking Ground Zero – Gets Slammed By Protesters in Binghamton NY and Scranton PA

Tight Security Keeps Protesters Far from The Presidential Bubble and National Media

Hey Obama, we do’t need no fracking drama!  ~~~   Ban Fracking Now!

The Presidential Bus in Scranton - We can't see in - But Can Obama see out?

Hundreds of anti- fracking protesters greeted President Obama today in Binghamton NY and Scranton PA, ground zero in the fracking debate.

There is a moratorium in NY and the Delaware River watershed, while Pennsylvania is suffering from drilling of thousands of wells [for some old news, see: Obama backs the frack  and On the threshold of a fracking nightmare].

slogans collide - "Yes We Can"!

Despite a massive Presidential motorcade, oppressive security detail, orchestrated faux town hall events, and two busloads of sycophantic journalistic stenographers in tow, determined protesters managed to hijack the Presidents tour message and media campaign.

Obama spoke at events at SUNY Binghamton and Lackawanna Junior college in Scranton Pa to talk about education.

From a quick scan of news reporters, it looks like Binghamton had the far larger crowd, which make political sense, as there still is hope that drilling can be stopped or severely limited in NY, while PA seems to be a lost cause.

Obama got an earful – if he could hear or see the protesters from his bubble, an oppressive security perimeter that reminded me of the Bush Administration’s “protest zones”, a repressive police practice where protesters are herded far away from media cameras and political supporters and contributors who write the checks.

See Salon story on the Binghamton event. Here’s a quick note on Scranton.

Despite the fact that I am a SUNY Binghamton alumni, I went to the Scranton event. I just got home after a long day and am beat. A few photos for now. I will provide clips in an update tomorrow.

tap water from Dimock, Pa

protesters greet visitors at Obama event

Dump trucks were used to secure the perimeter. I'm old enough to remember when Nixon surrounded the White House with buses in fear of Vietnam War protesters. That was widely condemned as paranoia at the time. Today, its standard operating procedure.



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