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Watergap Powerline Destruction Starts

view from the south, on old railroad bridge

Yesterday, I trucked up to the Delaware Watergap to witness the start of the destruction for the Susquehanna Roseland power line – from the “groundbreaking” scene to the views from the AT.

I almost hoped to arrive upon a huge protest scene, with hundreds of people laying in the road to block the trucks, monkeywrenchers in the woods, and EarthFirst! tree sitters with banners – or US Fish & Wildlife and National Park Service Enforcement delivering an emergency judicially imposed stop work order.

I have a vivid imagination.

Actually, I wouldn’t have been surprised by a NJ Audubon press release, celebrating the “mitigation” deal they struck –

(or a statement from the Obama WH, touting the groundbreaking as part of theirĀ “all of the above” energy policy and NEPA “modernization” & “streamlining” for “energy infrastructure” that drove this dirty deal)

Such is the corrupt and perverse tenor of our times.

At any rate, here’s what I saw (as necessary, see captions for where shots were taken):

arriving at scene on Old Mine Road - no protesters, just hardhats and biostitutes from Ecolsciences, Inc - "the best science money can buy" could be their motto

road scene - looking west into ROW

no, this man is not pissing on the Park

up the hill, view from Blairstown Rd - looking west

same view, west - note pond

stunning little pond along AT between north of fire tower and just south powerline ROW

same view but from where the AT crosses the ROW - power lines, pond, horizon

view from the AT - looking west

view from the AT, looking west thru existing tower

view from the AT, looking east into NJ

from the AT, looking east into NJ

view from AT east into NJ with bigger lens - not sure what disturbed areas in ROW are. Equipment staging?

watergap, on river, from beach, looking SE


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